Andretti Winery's primary mission is to produce a small number of high quality wines from selected vineyards in Napa Valley, wines that are fruit forward, drinkable upon release, and that will improve with additional cellaring.

In support of that mission, Andretti Winery produces five wines from the Napa Valley, three of which are very limited production estate and reserve classified wines under the Montona label. These limited wines are available only through our winery tasting room, and are not found in general distribution.

Our ultra-premium Montona wines include an estate Chardonnay, an estate Merlot, and a reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. Tasting notes and detailed descriptions for these and for all of our wines are available on our web site in the gift shop section.


Our winery and forty-two acre surrounding vineyard is situated just a few miles south of the town of Yountville, in the Oak Knoll region of Napa Valley. It is cooler here than up-valley, but warmer than the Carneros region just south of the city of Napa. The soils drain extremely well here. This creates more stress on the vines, which results in smaller, more flavor intensive berries. This is a great area for growing chardonnay and merlot which are what most of our vineyard is planted in. The most favorable growing blocks of vines within this vineyard provide the grapes for our estate wines.

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