Ancien Wines are made by Ken and Teresa Bernards. Their combined experience is moving into its 3rd decade, having made acclaimed wines for other producers prior to focusing on their own label, Ancien. They possess a passion for the Burgundian varietals, Pinot noir and Chardonnay, with an emphasis on capturing the essence of terroir. Ken continues to expand his range of experience as a consulting winemaker for wineries in California and in Chile.

Our trips to Burgundy filled us with inspiration drawn from the ancient history and tradition of winemaking. While winemaking techniques have constantly been refined, we utilize the same principles of winemaking employed for generations. We are tied to soil and climate, and have those before us to thank for bringing us to our current state of the art. As we endeavor to reach greater heights, we draw on those before us for inspiration. Ancien ("ancient one") is our tribute to them.

We have spent the last 10 years seeking out diverse and unique vineyard sites which display the range of fruit expression described as terroir. Our quest, which continues, has led us to the outstanding vineyards that we have the good fortune to make wine from. We approach each vineyard uniquely, utilizing the tools of the winemaking art, endeavoring to make each as the best expression of its terroir (rather than imposing a “house” style on each). We refuse to choose our favorite - much as a parent would not choose a favorite child! - instead, appreciating each for its unique qualities.

Ancien Wines / P.O. Box 10667 / Napa, California 94581 / Ph. 707-255-3908 / Fax 707-255-6104

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