A m u s e  B o u c h e  W i n e

Collectable wine and collectable art come together to create Amuse Bouche Wine, a joint wine venture with Heidi Barrett, John Schwartz and Guy Buffet. Recognizing that the cult wine phenomenon has created an almost aspirational class structure among collectors, the partners decided to make this limited edition wine available to a much broader consumer base. Winemaker Heidi Barrett explains, "We have created Amuse Bouche, a limited edition, superb Pomerol style wine with the added value of limited edition art that is available to consumers through a variety of channels."

As winemaker for several of the hottest cult wines in California (including Screaming Eagle), and referred to by Time magazine as "The Wine Diva of Napa", Heidi Barrett is always looking for new challenges. The latest creation to come from this respected winemaker is sure to become the next cult classic out of Napa Valley.

A few years ago Heidi Barrett and John Schwartz set out to create something new, a Pomerol-style Merlot/Cabernet Franc blend made from the best grape sources in the Napa Valley. Their vision was to create a Napa Valley Merlot based wine that will rival its greatest cross-Atlantic counterparts, such as Chateau Petrus and Chateau Le Pin. Recent tastings of their 2002 fruit exceed even their expectations!

Amuse Bouche LLC / 135 Camino Dorado / Suite B / Napa, CA 94558 / 707-251-9300

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