At Allegrini, our respect for the raw materials is the driving force behind our production. This credo allows us to express the grapes' full potential in each wine we make. So, even in the simplest, most easy-drinking of our wines, Valpolicella Classico, one can sense the substance and richness of each of its three classic grape varieties: Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.

Versatility is one of the main merits of our Palazzo Della Torre. This Cru is noted for its fullness and its abundance of aroma, appropriate attributes for a thoroughbred red wine such as this. A unique production technique highlights the grape's original characteristics. We have actually improved upon the traditional "Ripasso" method, where the wine is repassed over the pomace of the partially dried grapes that are used to make Amarone. We now add whole, partially dried grapes of the same variety, which truly enrich the wine, as opposed to the spent and barely effective grape skins normally used. Another great challenge for our company has been to prove that the Corvina and Rondinella grape varieties (the most important grapes in the Valpolicella blend) can be used to make a local wine of international value without resorting to grape drying methods.

This is how we developed La Grola, a Cru made from a selection of Corvina and Rondinella.
This was the first viticultural step toward giving a red Veronese wine a strong and precise character. With our La Poja, made from 100% Corvina grapes, we have extracted a wine of extreme character, an exemplary, exuberant and vividly Veronese red wine. This is a wine that perfectly combines strength, elegance and richness of aroma.

With La Poja, treated with pureness, the Allegrini Company extracts an ultimate wine, a typical Veronese red, alive and exuberant, capable of combining strength and elegance and enhancing the fragrances' richness.

Our Amarone and Recioto Giovanni Allegrini follow.
Amarone is history, passion and ingenuity. The Valpolicella has always nurtured this wine's identity as a vigorous, deep, rich and mature red. Over time, we at Allegrini have altered this wine's characteristics, overseeing the grape drying process with care and understanding while profoundly improving methods and techniques in order to produce a wine which is both traditional and innovative. Recioto Giovanni Allegrini is a new interpretation of the Valpolicella's oldest and most representative wine. This is a wine with a round sweetness and bold, irresistible balance.

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