The lush, fertile Dry Creek Valley is located approximately 80 miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge. It starts west of Healdsburg in Northern Sonoma County and runs in a northwesterly direction for 16 miles. A range of rugged mountains stands between Dry Creek and the Pacific Ocean some 30 miles away. Hills partially separate Dry Creek from Alexander Winery on the eastern side and the Russian River bounds the south. Alderbrook Winery has 61.89 acres in the southern portion of Dry Creek Valley.

Dry Creek is a distinct microclimate varying from a Region II to a Region III. Cool nights and foggy mornings give way to warm sunny afternoons. Classic varietal grapes ripen to perfection here with excellent sugar acid balance. Dry Creek is famous for Zinfandel, as well as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon. The Merlots are without peer. Some growers are now growing Viognier, Mourvedre and Syrah in Dry Creek Valley with excellent results.

Settlement in Dry Creek dates back to the middle of the 19th century. A.J. Galloway started his vineyard at 2470 Dry Creek Road in 1864. In 1872 Bloch and Colson planted the first commercial vineyard. By 1883, 800 acres were cultivated in Dry Creek. Varietals recorded were Mission, White Riesling, Malvoise, Golden Chasselas, Mourvedre, and Zinfandel. Some of the original Zinfandel vines remain and are highly prized by the vintners of today who will pay top prices for old vine grapes.

Alderbrook's estate grown varietals include Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, and Old Clone Zinfandel grapes. Alderbrook Winery is proud of this heritage and is dedicated to producing the finest wines in the Dry Creek Region.

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